Obama and McCain's first words are for the host of the debate, then Obama fires a discreet but efficient kick into McCain's attempt to postpone the debate with "I can't think of a more important time" aka "Now is the time to talk, grave matters are at stake, and waiting to talk things out as you tried to do means you are as stupid as the average trunk"

McCain starts with a bit of institutionalized demagogy: "our friend senator Kenedy is in the hospital", and you might like to read "Hey, I have democrat friends, I'm the best of both worlds, pick me !"
This kind of goes on when he talks about both parties working together, as if when everybody agrees that you should stop skirmishes, getting a grip and fixing the sinking economic system, and tells you that it makes him feel better to know that them Democrats have finally accepted... As if Republicans were always inclined to discuss.

What I do note is this man's voice... Man he is a darn good orator, thousands of feelings are rushing though his words, you empathize, you feel that he is really into what he says, because he has what you could call a broken voice, as if he was trying not to cry.

In the end, the way they start the debate is very classic, but now and all along, you might note that in place of a debate, you are witnessing a double monologue.
They do not look at each other, Obama looks at his adversary when he speaks, but often talks to the camera, McCain spends his turns telling his life, not caring about the subject... As the end draws near, you might notice that it becomes clearer that he does not care about his adversary, he just goes on propaganding, at which point Obama gives up arguing and goes "What's your last question Jim" because he knows that McCain will only shut it to let the moderator talk.

You might also note that McCain always, and I've watched this debate seven entire times, always looks away... look at the candidate's positions.

So let us get started on the analysis

On the economix:

Obama leaps into the debate stating his will to shape the recovery plan to fit the middle class...
With reason if you ask me, an old wise man named Maher once said "since the eviction of John Edwards for doing what a lot of people do (as in: having a affordable good time outside of his marriage, for those who where sleeping in the back of the class) nobody talks about the poor anymore, it is all for the middle class"...
Well that is the general idea: he does not get into the technical issue, nor does he even try, he just says out loud:
What I will do is get the houses back, like we did in 29, and monitor the money the Fed just gave to the market to be sure it would one day come back, eventually... That is if the market returns one day, if that day is soon enough not to let Somalia take over the world's economy, and if the large hadron collider does not kill us all by then.
McCain on his side, talks a lot about us going to crash if everybody is not confident, if their (in)famous package, and if it does not get validated and so on, he insist on them winning the war in Ira... in wall street. Does not seem much of a challenge as long as you follow his lead. He also talks about how greed and coruption are guilty for the economy's downfall, no man, no woman, nobody, just greed, and we are going to put greed in jail ! Yeah ! And coruption also !

Obama, wanting to make a point, and not wanting to make wall street loose too much, goes from "Big Crisis on infinite wall street" to "yeah we can fix it... but you know, nobody really knows how..."
He is a little unfair kind of pretending "I've been saying we'd crash for 2 years, and nobody ever listens to me ! And now they have done nothing and it is screwed." as the Fed has been injecting money into the wall and into the street for nearly 20 month now.

McCain goes a bit out of track with a looooooooong and useless historical blabs, but with such a profound voice that your heart is crying out stars and stripes as he tells how someone once was responsible for his acts in the United States...

«[He congratulated the militaries] that had succeeded in the greatest invasion in history...»
«…Still to this day…»
«…And forever»
That is something you did not know about McCain, he foresees the future, and that is how he can tell that no invasion will ever be bigger...

So the point McCain is making is "As someone that is dead and burrowed and has entered in history books did it, it means that it is always the right thing to do, and the past was better, theses were the good old days where everybody was so honest and proud... But we have lost etc..."
He drives you through mythology, american mythology is never so old, but it exists, he gives you an example of historical hero, and makes out of a single of his acts an example to be used. He generates a political object, that is always very concise, and makes up an idea. This idea is that when he talks about Eisenhower, he agrees with him and basically expresses that he embodies Eisenhower. Kind of the same process starting his speech with the Kenedy Anecdote.

It is also very important to note that he accuses greed and self interest and a lot of other human vices that should explain the economical crisis, he believes or seems to do so, that the crisis has no systemic origin, that the ever open market has nothing to do with people becoming greedy... And therefore, he swears to pursue those who are guilty.
But not to end on a negative note, he adds «but we also have to reward people who succeed»... Yeah right succeed in what ? Bringing up the crisis ? Way to go...

Obama on his side gives up a little too easy speech with "nurses, police officers, teachers" good things to talk about people who have a hard time earning money, but listing all those useful jobs as if McCain was about to eradicate them is the easy part, you can talk about people, but if you state their jobs as if hoping that a random cop would go "Hey he said cop, he is my friend he cares about cops" that is too easy...

But! As seen earlier, double monologuing goes on and on, they do not answer to one another.

Another interesting point following the debate is the double use of the word "great" by McCain:
«The american worker is still the most productive, the most innovative and America's still the greatest producer, and importer and exporter.»

At which point, if you do not pay attention, you fall into "the greatest" as in "in the world". But the fact is that he does not say it out loud, because the truth is that america produces wayyy less than china, imports and exports are also behind, and the average american worker works less than a Taiwanese working 16 hours a day. This is another example of ease of speech, great is their employed as "super good" saying "we are the best of what's around even if the numbers are not really saying the same..."
Yes, it's a bit like lying but not so.

Then the fight goes to out of control spending, McCain gives an example "Studying bears DNA in Montana for 3 million dollars..." As a useless spending. Well Obama answers that McCain agreed with the administration "90% of the time" but gets no direct answer to this mortal attack.
McCain continues his strategy of not saying "Bush" at all to make you forget they are close friends.
And it goes on as Obama accuses McCain of feeding the wealthiest Unitedsatees and no answer...
You will notice that he always calls him "Senator Obama" no Barack, no you, always "he" as in "he is a kid and you don't fight him, you tell the american out of voting for this guy, look at him my friend, he is a young man, and he is black, he can't be a politician, he is the very cliche of a uneducated man !"

Getting at it again:
"Respond to senator Obama about your poilicies about tax cuts" and you read "give us the Republican speech about without the riches america is nothing" Jim Lehrer says...
The answer is "We pay a lot of business taxes"... So yes you might thing he is avoiding the subjects and you would be right.

Now here... Please, someone cut the chase in between them and say «Guess what, we can not always cut taxes, sometimes we have to have money... Like to save the economy for instance, taxes are not always a bad things, in fact, they are needed, the state does not eat the money you give it... It's coming back to you as security, as museums, as things you could not afford on your own !»

For a long time now, the debate will go on and on with McCain evoking spending freeze, and Obama saying he will use the money for the country, for education, for energy independence... Talking about long term.
And McCain creates again a political object this time from an anecdote, saying "I did it once, so I know how to do it, I know you to do it country scalled" And again, you might tell me he is taking a shortcut, and you'd be right.
"You know what, one time I kicked someone's ass, and so I know how to win a war..."

At a point, nuclear power comes into the debate, McCain does not mention that nuclear fuel is also expansive and has to be imported, and he does not really as he under-means it, create thousands of jobs instantaneously... Nuclear plants are critical places and if you can work there, it means you already are a nuclear engineer... Obama sets out a plan to get rid of dependance on foreign oil in ten years, McCain build 45 power plants by the year 2030 "to get there from here"... A long period for a transition if you ask me...

If you followed the text, you might hear "my work on climate change along with senator Clinton" as another attempt to rally democrat votes.

Another little glimpse into the magic realm of talking the talk with «A healthy economy, with low taxes, without raising anyone's taxes is probably the best recipe for eventually having our economy recover...»
Oh my, I truly think that not being sick can cure you... Even if it makes no sense whatsoever... And if you have problems, just don't have them, it will take the problems away...
But... He said again lower taxes, and if you listen lightly, you won't hear the rest. Now how does a government pays for banks's debts if he lowers taxes and therefore gets poorer ?

Good point here "we owe China 400 billion dollars" and as a result, I will lower the tax and have less money so I can never repay my debts... Tell this to your banker "I owe you 2 grans, but worry not fellow american banker, I will not go to work anymore, so I will save on gas !"

If I count right, you would hear during the whole debate a total of three "I have not been elected miss congeniality in the senate". This is, if you would excuse me, pure macho bullshit. You could be mister congeniality but no, if you agree you are a sissy, less than a man ! Ok, I hope you will not be elected miss president either.

Okaayyyyyy ! I thought it would take me 10 minutes to say all that... It is probably going to take as much pages...

Now Irak !

Ok, you are winning in Irak, fine by me, 3 seconds to say it, not 2 minutes, and you might want to add to this an answer to the question: "What are the lessons ?" which you did not give.

Obama looses foot here doing exactly what McCainMcCain is doing since the beginning, avoiding the question, and stating his record... But as said "You do not inherit the country you wish you had, you govern after the mistakes."
He goes on to the democrat thingy "Afghanistan is the good war, Irak is just us having fun because we could not win the first war."

And please, pay homage to or congratulate the soldier's families, but do not act as if they were fighting the war...
But then Obama attacks on "you said it was going to be quick and easy, you said we knew where the weapons of mass destruction were, and you were wrong."

At this moment, something changes, not responding is not enough, McCain attacks directly trying to discredit Obama and infantilize him as he did before. This sentence is a sheer agression, violent and direct !
«Senator Obama does not seem to understand»
soon to be «Senator Obama does not undestand» between a tactic and a strategy. Efficiently playing with words is what he is doing, playing with words and insulting his adversary.
But not a split second, you there who do understand the difference, you would think "Well, appart from wording with words, you have nothing to say" and, I don't know what's with you now but you'd be right again.
Then a good thing he invents: "we don't want our kids coming back here."
Well, you know, you lost in Vietnam, and nobody is forcing your kids to go back there...
Then in a single sentence, you put: bad guys, our strategy, peace, prosperity... And you get the impression that he said something true when he just said... Some random words that make as much sense as «We are winning because we kill the mean people»... No real logical link between the two, you have been doing this for 4 years, and it does not quite get any better.

Then McCain uses what is called a package attack: "you are against winning the war and sending troops without a timetable."
How can you be on the side of a man who wants his country defeated ? In fact the rhetoric tool used here is grouping things together, and including in them something nobody can disagree with. This way you make a fool out of your adversary...

Funfact: «Osama BinLaden and General Patreus have something in common, they both say Irak is the central battleground.» Well if Osama says so... We should do as he says, after all, he kicked our ass... He must be intelligent ! Guess what, Bin Laden also said america has nothing to do in the middle east... Did not seem to hear that one did you ?

I also love this sentence, not meaning a lot...
«If we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory»
And would also like to spoil something that will happen in the next minutes after Obama says «We cannot separate Irak from Afghanistan». You may want to keep this sentence in mind when in no tim McCain will announce (again) «What senator Obama does not understand is that Irak and Afghanistan are linked together...»
Well, he said it before you did, I think he does understand.

A little while later, you will hear one white guy in the debate, I won't say who, lie in front of your eyes.
He says "You cannot say out loud that you will attack Pakistan" as if Obama just did. The exact quote is «As he has just said that he will launch military strikes into Pakistan».
Gods in heavens... do this man know what a video is ? Everyone can look this up and see that Obama never said it... Gosh !
But the answer, as true as it might be contains a little of a "you're on my side" when Obama says «Here is what I said, and if John wants to disagree with us he can let me know.»
Sinking to McCain's level with his «The americans know me very well.»

Now, McCain... He keeps on talking about his life, his background and "I was there, just like the last time my pal James scratched my ball, and you know what he said to me? He said "if you scratch someone's ball, you better be prepared to pull the trigger" he said, and you know what, that is why you can't leave Irak !"

The bracelet anecdote is a funny one, although Obama goes "Hey, I got a bracelet too" in a very funny way, he shows a very important truth in the debate: you can tell the very same story in a very different way, a story can be told to support any side:

"You know what, I met with one of the greatest generals america has ever knows, and here is what he said: General Patreus said to me a quick withdrawal leave Irak in ruins, that is why we have studied a very good plan to withdraw slowly."

"You know what, I met with one of the greatest generals america has ever knows, and here is what he said: General Patreus said to me a quick withdrawal might leave Irak in ruins, that is why we should stay there forever and make Irak the 52nd state."

"You know what, I met with one of the greatest generals america has ever knows, and here is what he said: General Patreus said to me a quick withdrawal might leave Irak in ruins, that is why we should get out of there and wait for them to come after us for help, not impose our presence"

"You know what, I met with one of the greatest generals america has ever knows, and here is what he said: General Patreus said to me a quick withdrawal might leave Irak in ruins, that is why at this very moment, I'm reaching under the table to get a gun and Kill mister McCain/Obama, because his plan is dangerous."

Stop smiling when someone launches a brick at you by the way...
«When I'm sub-commitee chairman, we take up the issues under our sub-commitee»... That is not a political attack, that is "By the way, your dad was a corkscrew and your mum was a toaster"... You don't prove anything nor make any point other than "Hey, I just insulted you and I go on to something else so you can't answer"

«I know what it's like when an army is defeated, the war where I was in, where we had an army and, and it wasn't to any fault of their own...»
Yeah man, if those Viet's hadn't win, we would never have lost !

«We won't come back in defeat, and probably have to go back if we fail...» How come ? Like the line with the soldier who said «I don't want my kid coming back here». But what is the problem with this man ? When you make a mistake, recognizing you made it, and apologizing can be a good thing... Ok, let us assume you are not winning, will you get another 2 millions americans killed not to admit you were wrong ? Bottom line: when someone tells you you were wrong, just keep on doing what you did, it will eventually one day in the end maybe if god wills probably end up the right way...
But that's not sure.

Foreign thingies

Now the good finishing part... Foreign politics !

The whole interest of this last part is the "I argue with you if you don't agree with me..."

When your teacher is unhappy with your behavior because you rapped four of your classmates , calling you to his office is so totally legitimating your action...
And I know, you raped them but might say "little Penny here had a skirt showing her ankles... She had it coming" and any reasonable adult could tell you "no she didn't"

It kind of goes the exact contrary for foreign politics, as you listen to John McCain explain to you the basics of human relations:
«So let me get this straight, we sit down with [and you insert here the unwritable name of Iran's leader by yourself] and he says "we're gonna wipe Israel of the face of the earth" and we say "no you're not" Oh please !»

Because you see, as a dictator has a lot of magic powers, he can say anything and boom it happens, for example, Kim Jong-il last week said "Here is my Curse! Some stupid random person in America will become vice-president !" And boom, Sarah Palin which was just happening to meet the requirements became the pick...
Now you know, dictators have magic powers... So you know why you can't say no to Ahmadinejad "no you're not"... because you don't.

I did not want to do this, but if you want to complain, send McCain a message:
«By the way, my friend doctor Kissinger who's been my friend for 35 years would be interested to hear this conversation and senator Obama's depiction of his positions on the issue, I've known him for 35 years and I guarantee you, he would not say that presidential top level etc...»
Dude, if I may call you dude... Dude! Who gives a [anything] about your friendship... It is not an argument, it is not because you befriend everyone in the senate that you can use their words, and it is not because he is your friend that he cannot say or see things differently...

Now on Russia, John McCain looked into mr Putin's eyes and saw 3 letters, a K a G and a B... That is an interesting approach on foreign policy, you just stare into people's eyes and you see their soul, you know what they are up to... Just like that, click your fingers and here you go... And what Mr. Obama does not seem to understand although he just said it in three different ways, is that Russia is a bad country. Baaaad Russia, what will we do ? I don't know, nobody said anything about doing, but Russia is baaad !

Then they come back and round again to Irak, to war, to energy... And then they conclude by saying a lot of important things, but the one I really loved is that McCain, although he wants to kick Russia's ass, although he wants to bomb and/or invade Iran, wants to restore peace... That is peace in which part of the world might you ask... I don't know, but peace is good, so let's restore it by sending out an army !

This ends our first part, but wait, there is more to come, and the rice presidential debate is yet to be written of, if you liked this one :) !
Hope you enjoyed it !
If you spot errors, misspellings, wrongly said things, do not hesitate to drop me a line or put them in the comments !